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Ever wonder what a headshot session at Chickpea is like? Here’s your chance to get a peek at the headshot process and to know what to expect from one of our sessions!


Decide which headshot session best fits your needs

The One Look is a quick 15-minute session in our East Bay studio—perfect for when you’re short on time and need only one image.

Our most popular session is the Multiple Looks. This is a 30-minute session that includes both time shooting in-studio and time shooting outside.


Book your session

Booking is quick and easy with our online booking calendar, or you can call and one of my assistants will help get you set up and scheduled. Appointments can be scheduled as soon as 12 hours in advance, depending on availability.

headshot session

Get all the info you need

After your booking is confirmed, you’ll receive an email confirmation that includes directions to our studio, tips on what to wear and how to prepare, as well as a review of the different digital image packages we offer. You will also receive appointment reminder emails 72 hours and 24 hours before your session.

Want to talk about your session?

We offer optional 15-minute phone consultations to answer any questions or help you decide what to wear. Just shoot us an email to request one!

The day of your headshot session

Show up to the studio with your hair and makeup done and bring a couple of different outfits. We’ll spend a few minutes discussing your goals for the images, reviewing the outfits you’ve chosen, and determining the best backgrounds for the look you’re after.

The fun begins!

I try to keep my sessions relaxed, informal, and conversational. We chat about your job, family, kids, pets, what you do for fun, and occasionally even politics! I’ll provide plenty of coaching on how to place your body, shoulders, hands, and face to make sure you look your best. Hopefully, I’ll even get you to laugh once or twice! And while you may not choose the image of you laughing, often the photo right after is a winner because you’re relaxed and have a genuine smile.

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For in-studio portraits, we will select a background, get the lighting just right, and shoot for 10 minutes or so with different expressions and angles.

For outside shots, depending on the time of day and lighting, we will shoot for another 10 minutes in two or three different locations for a variety of looks.


Choose your favorites

After we’re done, we’ll review the unedited images on a laptop or iPad where you will make your final selections. When you’ve narrowed it down to your favorite images, you will select the digital image package you want and let me know if you want retouching on any of your images.

Post-processing and retouching

I edit your image selections for color tone, exposure, etc. and crop to a neutral size suitable for many applications. Edited images are available the next business day and will be provided via an online gallery for viewing and download.

Any images for which you request retouching are sent out to my professional retoucher with instructions and are generally ready in two to three days. Retouching can consist of removing glare from glasses, smoothing flyaway hairs, softening facial highlights, or other adjustments.

At the end of this headshot session, you’ll have images you can be proud of and show off to the world!

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