From Soup to Nuts: the Chickpea Individual Headshot Process

From Soup to Nuts: the Chickpea Individual Headshot Process

headshot process

Ever wonder what a headshot session at Chickpea is like? Here’s your chance to get a peek at the headshot process and to know what to expect from one of our sessions!


Decide which headshot session best fits your needs

The One Look is a quick 15-minute session in our East Bay studio—perfect for when you’re short on time and need only one image.

Our most popular session is the Multiple Looks. This is a 30-minute session that includes both time shooting in-studio and time shooting outside.


Book your session

Booking is quick and easy with our online booking calendar, or you can call and one of my assistants will help get you set up and scheduled. Appointments can be scheduled as soon as 12 hours in advance, depending on availability.

headshot session

Get all the info you need

After your booking is confirmed, you’ll receive an email confirmation that includes directions to our studio, tips on what to wear and how to prepare, as well as a review of the different digital image packages we offer. You will also receive appointment reminder emails 72 hours and 24 hours before your session.

Want to talk about your session?

We offer optional 15-minute phone consultations to answer any questions or help you decide what to wear. Just shoot us an email to request one!

The day of your headshot session

Show up to the studio with your hair and makeup done and bring a couple of different outfits. We’ll spend a few minutes discussing your goals for the images, reviewing the outfits you’ve chosen, and determining the best backgrounds for the look you’re after.

The fun begins!

I try to keep my sessions relaxed, informal, and conversational. We chat about your job, family, kids, pets, what you do for fun, and occasionally even politics! I’ll provide plenty of coaching on how to place your body, shoulders, hands, and face to make sure you look your best. Hopefully, I’ll even get you to laugh once or twice! And while you may not choose the image of you laughing, often the photo right after is a winner because you’re relaxed and have a genuine smile.

professional headshot

For in-studio portraits, we will select a background, get the lighting just right, and shoot for 10 minutes or so with different expressions and angles.

For outside shots, depending on the time of day and lighting, we will shoot for another 10 minutes in two or three different locations for a variety of looks.


Choose your favorites

After we’re done, we’ll review the unedited images on a laptop or iPad where you will make your final selections. When you’ve narrowed it down to your favorite images, you will select the digital image package you want and let me know if you want retouching on any of your images.

Post-processing and retouching

I edit your image selections for color tone, exposure, etc. and crop to a neutral size suitable for many applications. Edited images are available the next business day and will be provided via an online gallery for viewing and download.

Any images for which you request retouching are sent out to my professional retoucher with instructions and are generally ready in two to three days. Retouching can consist of removing glare from glasses, smoothing flyaway hairs, softening facial highlights, or other adjustments.

At the end of this headshot session, you’ll have images you can be proud of and show off to the world!

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Everything You Need to Know to Prepare for Your Headshot Session

Everything You Need to Know to Prepare for Your Headshot Session


You’ve taken the leap and booked your headshot session! You want to create professional images that reflect your skills, intelligence, and personal brand. But how do you prepare?

Don’t worry! I’ve put together this quick guide to help you feel ready to go on the day of your session!

What should I wear?

Clothing is a way to express yourself, and it’s important that the outfit you choose for your headshots matches your personality and conveys the message you want about your business and yourself.

That said, the simpler and more neutral the clothing, the better. Go for solid colors and avoid neons and busy patterns. Be sure to iron all your clothes before the shoot so they don’t appear wrinkled in your photos. And when it comes to shoes, remember that no one will see your feet in a headshot, so wear something comfortable!

Bring a few different outfits to choose from, and I’ll help you decide on the best one for your images! The most important thing is that you’re comfortable because if you’re not, it will show in your photos.

Should I do my own hair and makeup or hire a professional?

Whether you hire a makeup artist or hair stylist is completely up to you! Some people do so because they want to look their best, while others feel comfortable handling their appearance on their own. If you don’t often wear much makeup or don’t like the way your makeup has appeared in photos, definitely consider hiring a professional to do it for you.

The most important thing is that your headshots look like you, so make sure to do your hair and makeup in a way that is normal for you. After all, you want people to recognize you from your photo!

Should I get a haircut before my headshot session?

If you do choose to get a haircut, schedule it at least a week before your session. We’ve all had bad haircuts, and you want to give your hair time to grow out, just in case it’s too short for your liking.

How do I pose?

Posing is something you definitely don’t have to worry about! It doesn’t matter if you’ve been in thousands of photos or you avoid the camera like the plague—I’m here to help you feel relaxed and have fun. I’ll coach you into a variety of poses and expressions and shoot photos from different angles to make sure we have a lot of great images and options for you to choose from. And I’ll never just put you in front of the camera and expect you to figure it out; there will always be plenty of clear direction!

I don’t like the way I look in photos. What can I do to change that?

Many people feel that they’re not photogenic, and most of the time that’s because they’ve only had photos taken by friends and family, not a professional.  As a professional photographer, I’m an expert in lighting, angles, and post-production, so I know how to create photos that you will love! Learn why professional beats DIY when it comes to your headshot.

Should I have headshots taken in a studio or outside?

Both are great options, and fortunately for you, we’ll do both at your session! Studio light and backdrops offer better control of the images, while natural light can give your photos a fresh, clean feel. I’ll photograph you in both settings, giving you more options to choose from!

These are some of the most common questions I hear when it comes to headshot sessions. If you have more questions, feel free to get in touch! I’d love to chat with you!

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6 Tips to Get the Most for Your Money with Your Professional Headshots

6 Tips to Get the Most for Your Money with Your Professional Headshots

professional headshot

Professional headshots are worth it.

Professional headshots are definitely an investment, both financially and for your professional career, but they’re well worth it! A high-quality headshot can help you make a great first impression, whether you’re applying for a job or promoting your own business. Here are a few ways to get the most out of your professional headshots.

Use a variety of expressions. 

Every single shot you take doesn’t have to be a deadly serious expression. Of course, you want to look professional, but that doesn’t mean you can’t crack a smile or even laugh now and then. And definitely don’t use the same forced smile for every image. The more variety you have in your expressions, the more choices you’ll have later. A more serious headshot may be suitable for a job application, while an image that’s a little more casual may look better for social media or your blog.

Keep it simple.

When it comes to background, you want something that will help you stand out but won’t draw attention away from the main focus of the photo: you. Talk to your photographer about the kind of backgrounds you think would suit your needs, and they can suggest the perfect locations or in-studio backdrops to get the look you’re going for.

Consider getting help from the pros.

Hair and makeup for photos may be different from what you may do in your daily routine. If you don’t wear makeup often or are unsure what to do, it’s a great idea to get both your hair and makeup professionally done before your shoot, so you know you’ll look your best.

And guys, this advice goes for you too—consider stopping into the barbershop before your photos so your hair is looking sharp!

Choose the right outfit.

No matter what your line of work, your clothing will be front and center in your headshots and will probably be the first thing people notice when they look at your images. Avoid any patterns or graphics that can be distracting and stick to solid, neutral colors. Ladies, try to avoid statement necklaces or any large pieces of jewelry that will draw attention away from your face.

Turn up the tunes.

One of the main things that keeps people from getting professional headshots is nerves. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard “I’m just not photogenic” or “I don’t feel comfortable in front of the camera.” Have no fear! It’s your photographer’s job to help you feel at ease, and one way to do that is to play some of your favorite music. Create a playlist of songs that help you relax—or songs that get you pumped up. Whatever works for you!

Know your target audience.

Before you go in to your photo session, do some research on what type of headshots fit well with your business or industry. Look at the websites of companies you’d like to work for and study the photos of their employees. And if you’re starting your own business, search for similar companies to give you an idea of what sort of tone to strike. If you’re unsure, err on the conservative side.

The more effort and thought you put into your images, the more you’ll get out of them. After all, your professional headshots are an investment in your professional future!

Are you ready to get the most from your business headshots?

Bay Area Headshot Portraits | How Headshots Help You Boost Social Media

How Headshots Help

Boost Your Social Media Profile

Headshots are a great way to boost your social media profile and to draw unique traffic to your profile. If you are a digital influencer, a social media marketing strategist or just the face of your own company, then you must have a healthy amount of people visiting your profile. A professional headshot can help you gather up that precious traffic without much hassle.

Three ways professional headshots help boost social media profiles-

  1. Social media sites- You can proudly display your headshots in your LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Blog profile which will add an overall level of professionalism to your profile. As people notice profile pictures first when they browse through profiles, a perfect headshot will ensure that your audience checks out your services after looking at the profile picture.
  2. Audience engagement- You can increase audience engagement with a perfect headshot picture. A perfect headshot photo creates a long-lasting impression on your audience and the next thing they want to do is to check out the products or services that you offer. A good headshot picture, therefore, can essentially be the deal breaker and can launch your company on an exponential growth trajectory.
  3. Where can you use- A great headshot will complement a great profile and you can use your headshots on social media websites like Facebook and LinkedIn or on the About Us page of your website or blog. Many a time, if you feature as a guest writer on someone else’s blog, you can add your social media headshot in the same post and garner views. Your headshot picture should give a little hint about your company or the domain that you do business in. This will increase relatability among people and your unique visitor count will grow exponentially.

Always remember-

You must get the headshots done by a professional headshot photographer who will make sure that you get a priceless headshot picture that you can display proudly on all of your social media accounts.


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